I'm an Entrepreneur.

What I do

I am an entrepreneur, working on a very early-stage business at the intersection of science and technology, based in San Francisco. I am also a venture capital investor (and sometimes angel investor). This means, every day, sometimes twice a day, sometimes five times a day, I meet with women and men who have a vision for the world. I spend an hour processing as much as I possibly can about their business, doing my best not to get embarrassed by how much more they know than me, and then I offer them as humble and objective a perspective as I can. It's hard, lonely, and a very easy way to be insecure. But it's fun. It's easy to get energized by falling in love with ideas, and with founders. Over the years during which I've done this (now over a decade across investing and building) I have learned more about how to listen for founders' strengths and weaknesses, to be available in their tough times, and to celebrate their good. I was honored to serve on a few great company boards as director, two wonderful companies as observer, and another as an adviser. I'm lucky. My life is really fun.