What I do

I am an investor for Collaborative Fund. I'm based in New York. This means, every day, sometimes twice a day, sometimes five times a day, I meet with young (and sometimes old) women and men who have a vision for the world. I spend an hour processing as much as I possibly can about their business, doing my best not to get embarrassed by how much more they know than me, and then I offer them as humble and objective a perspective as I can. It's hard, lonely, and a very easy way to be insecure. But it's fun. It's easy to get energized by falling in love with ideas, and with founders. Now that I have a couple investments under my belt, I have learned more about how to listen for founders' strengths and weaknesses, to be available in their tough times, and to celebrate their good. I'm so excited to serve on a few great company boards as director, two wonderful companies as observer, and another as a board adviser. It's really fun.